Thursday, April 12, 2012

Passion: A Glen Keane Tribute by GloriousHysteria

"I love characters that have this burning desire inside. This sense that believing the impossible is possible."

"I'd say this is your moment on Earth to be an artist. You were born at this time. You could have been born at the Renaissance and we'd have been talking about sculpture. Today we're talking about animation. But that doesn't mean you aren't every bit the artist that those men back in the Renaissance would have been."

"The key to Disney animation in sincerity. I draw the things that I know. The things that are real to me."

"For me, drawing is the greatest joy. Animation is never as good as when I'm at that desk drawing. Even when it's up on the screen, it's never as wonderful as those moments when it was drawn, to me."

"When I was drawing Ariel, I was actually drawing somebody I already knew. I was thinking of my wife. So I understood this wasn't a job, it was a passion."

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