Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cartoon Round-up 7: Road Runner and Coyote


This week's Cartoon Round-up is about our favorite coyote and his elusive prey, the prize he can never seem to catch. I'm talking about those lovable characters the Coyote and Road Runner created by the great Chuck Jones.

They first appeared in the 1949 short film "Fast and Furry-ous" directed by Chuck Jones. Click here to view the short.

"Beep, Beep" (1952) directed by Chuck Jones

"Going! Going! Gosh!" (1952) directed by Chuck Jones

"Zipping Along" (1953) directed by Chuck Jones

After Chuck Jones left the Road Runner and Coyote series in 1963, it was picked up and produced by animation director Friz Freleng and David DePatie. These films did not really have the same timing and quality of Jones' work. When I was younger I really couldn't tell the difference. I still loved them all the same.

"The Solid Tin Coyote" (1966) directed by Rudy Larriva

In 2010, Dallas based animation studio Reel FX produced the first of three all new Road Runner and Coyote shorts, "Coyote Falls.". The amazing thing about this new rebirth was it was all CG AND in 3D! Reel FX picked up the gauntlet and did a fantastic job. They were able to recreate in the computer the look and the feel of the originals. The flexibility and mannerisms of the Coyote are still there in all his glory. Well done, Reel FX! Very well done!!

"Coyote Falls" (2010) directed by Matthew O'Callaghan

Looney Tunes - Coyote Falls [HD 720P] by Mister3ZE


Here is a rigging demo for this short by Reel FX rigging supervisor Josh Carey. This is the type of behind-the-scenes stuff I just love. It shows all the complexities of the rigs and how they were able to give these CG characters the rubbery look of the traditional 2D animated cartoons. Amazing work!!

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