Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Demo Reel April 2011

All hand keyed animation

Scenes 1 - 3: Young Man rig, props and set provided by Killerjellybean Animation
Scene 4: Bishop character provided by Animation Mentor
Scene 5: Roboter rig created by Niklas Wennersten
Scene 6: Bishop and Brussels characters provided by Animation Mentor
Scene 7: Bishop character provided by Animation Mentor
Scene 8: Bishop and Pawn characters provided by Animation Mentor
Scene 9: Young Man rig and set provided by Killerjellybean Animation
Scene 10: Murdock rig provided by Animation Mentor
Scenes 11 - 14: Bishop characters provided by Animation Mentor


To bring characters to life through animation while continually challenging my artistic abilities.

Animation Experience
                        Character Animator, September 2008 – present
                        Killerjellybean Animation, Boston, Ma.
                        Remote animator on multiple shots for an independent animated short film project. In the Fall of 2008, I volunteered to join director Dana Boadway on her project. Through video chats and e-mails, I regularly receive detailed critiques on my scenes and make the necessary adjustments.

Work Experience
                        Merchandising Manager, July 1996 – present
                        Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Corpus Christi, Texas
                        Opening and closing the store, in charge of merchandising the non-specialty departments on the sales floor, responsible for counting down registers, daily bank deposits and change drawer, responsible for overseeing the duties of 7-9 employees on a daily basis, assists in interviewing and hiring new employees.


                        Autodesk Maya 2008, Quicktime Pro, Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premiere Elements 7.0

Diploma in Advance Character Animation Studies, July 2009
Chris Chua                   C1: Basic Foundation                           Winter 2008
Mike Walling                C2: Body Mechanics                            Spring 2008
Dana Boadway             C3: Intro to Acting                                Summer 2008
                                    C4: Advanced Acting                           Fall 2008
Kenny Roy                   C5: Short Film Pre-Prod.                      Winter 2009
                                    C6: Short Film Production                    Spring 2009

Del Mar College
Associates in Art – Studio Art, July 1999

                        Available upon request