Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Week 3 - Sketchbook Assignment

For week three, our sketchbook assignment is to draw poses that best convey the emotion of EXCITEMENT. I did a few quick sketches at work and decided on a final pose. I came home and put it together in about an hour, with a few minor tweaks here and there. I think I got it.

So here are the sketches. The pose I selected is the one circled in red.

And here is Stu in the final rendered pose....

So that's done. Now I can concentrate on the main assignment of animating a bouncing ball with the weight of a basketball or a soccer ball. I have it near completion, just trying to get it just right. I'm running into a bit of problems. It's late so I think that's not helping right now. I may go to Academy tomorrow and do some research. I may look a bit peculiar staring at a bouncing ball for 20 minutes. Tis the life of an observant animator.

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Christine said...

That is so amazing Rene! I think your mentor was totally right about there being real personality to your sketches. Just staring at your final product got ME excited, because I totally felt the energy coming from it! It's not easy to give something like that real life, but I think you did it wonderfully. I'm so damn proud of you!