Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Update 2008

Ok, everything has been moving pretty fast and I never got around to updating my blog. So here's a quick round up:

I got in to Animation Mentor and I start in less than a week!!!

That was the quick, quick version.

I got my loan check in! The school got their disbursement payment! I ordered and got all the software I needed. I purchased a new webcam. I already have the books they require. As you have already seen, I've been practicing with the Maya PLE. I now have the full (student) version and am ready to start practicing with that one.

I am really excited and ready for this chapter of my life to begin. I was looking at some of the handbooks they e-mailed me and I suddenly realized it is going to be a very intense 18 months. There does not appear to be any breaks between "semesters." I am really looking forward to this!


And now a clip from one of my favorite Christmas movie:

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