Monday, January 28, 2008

Week 3 Critique

Another success this week! WHEW! I was really stressing there for a while with this assignment. Chris had some very nice things to say about my work. "Really nice job." "Good job on paying attention to the arcs." That was one thing that was bugging me in the beginning. I have my Peer Buddies Alexiss Memmott and Aja Sorensen to thank for that. Alexiss provided me with a video critique and pointed out areas I needed to work on from my first pass.
The part I was concerned with was the bounce back at the end. I was working on that and TRYING to get it just right. Chris noticed it was a little off, too. He said it appears to get faster at the end. He also felt there could be one or two more little bounces before it rolled back.. He did like the little touch of having it fall back a bit.
As for my Stu pose, he said it was "looking really nice." In my sketches he liked that I have been paying attention to the lines of action and had gotten looser with the drawings. Also, as usual, commented on pushing the poses just a bit more. "What you have here is not bad at all."

Now in Week 4, we will be working with two bouncing balls of different weight. FUN!

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