Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Week 6 - Dialogue

Week 6 of Class 3 is our first attempt at dialogue. For this assignment, which will last us through the end of the semester, we have to find three lines of dialogue from movies or TV. These scenes should show range and different levels of emotion. I was having a tough time trying to find three lines to animate. I was watching movie after movie after movie. You would think it would not have been that difficult for a movie guy like me, but it was. I had found one line from "The Odd Couple" and was planning on animating that one. Then the other day at work it came to me. "Oh Saaaarrraaaaahh." It was the voice of Ernie from "Harry and the Hendersons" calling his big sister. That was it! Not Ernie, but "Harry and the Henderson"! That was the movie. There had to be plenty of good lines in there. And there were. I ended up with 22 different lines to chose from. Some of them I had to trim down to the 10 second time limit. After deliberating for a while, I finally decided upon my three lines"

Sound Clip #1

"Ok, Jock-O. If you've got castings, I'll buy them. But let's keep the price on the ground."

Sound Clip #2

"Crazy? You let me stay here for one more hour and I'll show you me crazy! You make something"

Sound Clip #3

"There are no Sasquatches. There are no Bigfeet." (offscreen giggling) "Am I missing something?"

I have to pick one but I feel I can have a lot of fun with any one of these. For the first one, the scene is going to be about the emotions in the face and eyes, suave and cool. The second one is going to be about the crazy eyes. He starts off fine, then goes a little nuts, and finally calms down. The third one is not only about the emotion in the voice but the possiblility of a sight-gag. I can see the character standing in the middle of a huge footprint. We see it but he does not. He may have to be looking up at the camera or it may have to pull back to reveal the footprint. The one constant is all three is the acting, which I have never done. That is where the video reference comes in. (yeah, my favorite part.) I need to get that going along with the thumbnails for each scene.

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