Sunday, August 10, 2008

Moving On To Leonard

Now I have moved on to Leonard. I have a book, surprised, on modeling and animation in Maya. It shows you how to model two characters using two different techniques. There is a boy character and I followed those instructions to work on Leonard. I did not want to get too exact. I just wanted to see what I could make. I noticed that his left hand is a bit larger than his right hand. So he might have a Hellboy thing going on there. It will probably only be noticeable when he brings his hands together. His body is a bit "square". For instance, his legs have corners. Again, I was not too concerned with details.

Next time I have some free time, I will try working on modeling his head. That is when the real fun comes in. I will have to do some sketching and really get his head looking the way I want it to.

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