Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Layout for the first third

This is the rough layout for the first third of my film. This is the time where I get the characters into position, get the cameras set up just right, and try to really focus on the timing of the whole film.

This is sort of a rough blocking of the animation. I don't have to worry too much about the details, just make sure the characters are doing something remotely like what they will be doing in the final piece.

I got some good feedback from my mentor. The only thing I need to work on is the timing of scene 080. It is running a bit slow when he starts to groom himself. It needs to feel a bit more spontaneous and quickened up a bit. It needs to hit those internal beats, something like: "Wow! she sees me! Need to look my best. Dust off the shoulders, check the hair. Hey, a flower! I'll go give it to her. Then up and out of the scene with flower in hand.) Boom, boom, boom. Now it's boom, boom, ...uhm...uh....boom. That I can fix.

I am also trying to figure out this new application in Maya that organizes the camera into the shots I need. I tried to replace the camera in scene 040 withthe camera in scene 060, but it just was not doing it. I need to mess with it a bit more, or just get rid of all the cameras and start over. Either way, it is gonna be a chore!

And the last thing I need to work on is the flower. Right now it is just a sphere with a stem that was extruded from the bottom. I need it to bend and flow as it is being picked up and moved. I also need it to bend in an upcoming scene where it wilts in his mouth. As an experiment, I tried rigging a flower with joints so it would bend. It did bend but not from the points I wanted it to. It was bending from one of the ends when I need it to bend from the center. One of my classmates gave me a few suggestions so I will be trying them out later. We shall see.

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