Sunday, March 15, 2009

First Complete Layout

Here is the first pass at the COMPLETE layout for my short film "Looking For Love."

This music is composed by my cousin David Barrera. The timing is off a bit because he went by the complete animatic from a few weeks ago. During the layout process, I had to trim a few frames here and there. In the end I was able to shave off about three seconds. I will be getting David a copy of the final layout soon to see if he can adjust the music accordingly.

As of now, I am still waiting for my E-critique from my mentor. After I view it, I will be making the changes and adjustments per his suggestions and comments. So this is not FINAL just yet.

For those not familiar with the layout process, this is how Animation Mentor defines layout:

"Layout is where you plan and execute the visual choreography of your film. Here you design the number of shots in your film, the content of each shot and it’s purpose in the film. At the end of the layout process you have an animatic reel that clearly (shows) the timing and relationship of each shot. From a visual perspective, the rhythm and choreography of film is functionally in place."

Layout is sort of the animatic come to life. It has gone from the 2D, hand drawn phase into the 3D world of the computer. You get your characters in order. You build the necessary sets and props that the characters will be interacting with. You move the characters around so you get a feel of where they are going to be in each shot. You then set up your cameras to get that perfect shot from just the right angle.

The animation does not have to flow perfectly. This is the template upon which the animation is built. From here we move on to the blocking phase. In blocking that is where you start to flesh out the animation. You make sure the characters are hitting the right key poses and the right facial expressions and emotions. That is when the fun REALLY begins. But enough about that for now. That will not begin for a couple of more weeks in Class 6: Short Film Production.

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