Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cartoon Round-up 8: Tex Avery's World of Tomorrow

I remember watching these as a kid and always loving them. I wouldn't mind living in the world of tomorrow according to Tex Avery. He always had a style and a flare to his films. His films are the ones many remember and try as they must can NEVER duplicate.

So here is the World of Tomorrow....according to Tex Avery.

 The gadgets in "The House of Tomorrow" always cracked me up. The one that always got me was the machine that removed the burps from radishes. 

"The House of Tomorrow" (1949) directed by Tex Avery

The one car of tomorrow I wouldn't mind having is the one with the built in shaver. But with all the bumpy roads around town, I think I'll pass. I like having my head and neck attached to my shoulders. And another funny note. This cartoon left such an impression on me that when he scratches out the scene of the new seal headlights, that is how I have been scratching out a drawing ever since. Why? I have no idea. It's just what I do.

"The Car of Tomorrow" (1951) directed by Tex Avery

Since I'm in the market for a new TV, I should check around to see if any of these models are available. It's funny to see they show a stove with a TV. We're not that far off since I've seen a refrigerator with a TV on the door. I also like the set to "get rid of those pesky commercials". It is now called a DVR.

"T.V. of Tomorrow" (1953) directed by Tex Avery

"Farm of Tomorrow" (1954) directed by Tex Avery

*unfortunately I was not able to find a decent copy on YouTube. The only one available sounded like it had a Russian overdub to it. If you'd still like to take a look just click here.

So to make up for that I will include one of Tex (Fred) Avery's shorts that created a star! If you are not aware of the significance of this short, this was the very first appearance of Bugs Bunny. It is also where he uttered his now famous catchphrase "What's up, doc?"

"A Wild Hare" (1940) directed by Fred Avery

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