Thursday, May 24, 2012

Cartoon Round-up 11: Goofy's "How To" Series


May 25, 2012 will mark Goofy's 80th birthday. He first appeared in 1932's "Mickey's Revue" and was known as Dippy Dawg at the time. He was later renamed Goofy and the rest is history. Here is a nice article from Disney Insider that tells a bit about the history of this beloved Goof!

"The Art of Skiing" (1941) directed by Jack Kinney

"The Art of Self Defense" (1941) directed by Jack Kinney

"How to Fish" (1942) directed by Jack Kinney

"Goofy Gymnastics" (1949) directed by Jack Kinney

"How to Sleep" (1953) directed by Jack Kinney

"How to Dance" (1953) directed by Jack Kinney

The thing I love about this short is the surprising cameo by The Firehouse Five + Two, a Dixeyland jazz band made up of Disney animators. They were Danny Alguire, Harper Goff, Ward Kimball, Clarke Mallery, Monte Mountjoy, Erdman (Ed) Penner and Frank Thomas.

In 2007, Goofy made his triumphant return to theaters in "How to Hook Up Your Home Theater." This short was attached to the release of "National Treasure: Book of Secrets." I remember going to see this movie mainly just to watch this Goofy short!

"How to Hook Up Your Home Theater" (2007) directed by Kevin Deters and Stevie Wermers

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