Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Super 8 Movie Night

In October of 2010 I went to Ft. Worth to visit my friends Jen & Jason. While I was up there Jen and I went to a huge flea market that was near their house. As we were walking along I came across some Super 8 movies. They were only a couple of bucks so I snatched them up.

Now 14 months later I am FINALLY watching them. So I set up the screen and dusted off the projector.

The Daffy Duck short is with him and Speedy Gonzales called "Speedy A Go-Go". Apparently that's not the title it was released under. I found it on YouTube as "Swing Ding Amigo". Written by Sid Marcus and directed by Robert McKimson.

The second is Official NASA footage of Apollo 11 landing on the Moon on July 20, 1969. It was amazing to see it in this format.

Some of the footage on the film can be seen in the following videos from YouTube. It showed clips from launch to landing to the return home. It was pretty amazing. 

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