Thursday, December 23, 2010

2010 Resolutions - UPDATE

The year is almost up and it's time for a review. Here is my post from last December with a list of things I want to accomplish in 2010. Let's take a look and see what's happened.

Tighten up my demo reel. 
This is a work in progress. I have a few new scenes that I need to add to it. I've done a scene for the 11 Second Club competition. I've also done a parkour scene. Plus, I'm almost finished with Dana's scene. They've come a lot further than they were earlier this year. I do want to light and render a couple of the scenes before I ship it off.

Finish up work on the scene's for Dana's short film
Not quite complete but I'll check it off anyways. I'm almost done with two of the scenes and now I'm working on the one in the middle to bridge them together. The last one is pretty much complete. I need to resubmit it to her and get her final notes on it before we can mark it complete. The beginning one is a lot closer to completion. Just a few more notes here and there and it should be done. The one I'm working on now is the one in the middle. I'm having to start with the last pose of the first one and end with the first pose of the last one. It took a while but I was able to do it. The difficult part of this scene is bridging them together so it moves smoothly. In the beginning of the last scene there is a balloon that falls out of frame. In the second scene I am having to track the balloon movements and match up the speed and trajectory so there isn't a pop in the animation. It's coming along, just need to block out the character animation and we should be good to go.

Continue work on my Bowfinger scene. 
This is one I really need to work on. The difficult part is that the dialogue moves so fast that it's hard to sync up the mouth and make it look natural. What I also need to do is sketch out what I want one of the characters to do. I have it blocked out but I really need to find the right poses then work from there. I was never really sold on the acting choices I made when I first started working on this scene.

Compete in at least one of the 11 Second Club monthly competitions.
I entered the July competition and came in #59 out of 233. I had a rating of 5.14 stars out of a possible 11. Not bad, I think, for my first outing. I have since adjusted the layout and the lighting and plan to add it to my reel by the end of next week.

E-mail Robin Linn and the recruiters at Reel FX. 
I didn't end up e-mailing Robin but I did call the studio a few months ago. I went up to Fort Worth to visit some friends for the weekend. Since I was going to be in the neighborhood, I decided to call them and see if I could meet with someone there. Unfortunately, no one was going to be there on the weekend to handle requests like this. Also, the lady said it would be more welcomed if I came by next year when they start looking at submissions for the next apprenticeship program. The deadline is January 3, 2011. Hopefully they will be seeming me soon.

Keep checking the Animation Mentor job board. 
It's been a while since I've checked the board. A lot of what I've been seeing has been the same jobs that I already applied to once before. Plus, they said not to submit the same reel over and over. So, I need to finish up my reel with a few new shots before I can start submitting again.

Become more familiar with the Flipbook program. 
I have not become as familiar with it as I would have liked, but I did experiment with it a couple of weeks ago. I was trying to plan out a scene for another 11 Second Club competition. I didn't make it in time to submit, but I still want to finish the scene. It sounds like a lot of fun.

Purchase animation paper to experiment again with traditional 2D animation. 
No, still haven't purchased any animation paper. Funds have been a little tight throughout the year that I can't really afford this at the moment. However, I do have some regular 8" x 11" paper that I can add to some peg strips that I can use. It's a bit time consuming to get it done but I can make it work. I just need to straighten out the studio a bit, move the light table to the other side of the room, then I can get to work.

Well, looks like I'm at 50% so far. I still have another week before the year is up. I still have time. I'm also running out of time. The deadline for submissions is fast approaching. 

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