Friday, February 3, 2012


On January 26, 2012, Motorola released an update to an already awesome phone:

The main difference between this and the standard Razr is the battery life. The MAXX has a longer battery life and is slightly thicker. The standard Razr is .28" thick and the MAXX is .35" and about .62 oz heavier and twice the battery capacity. The bigger battery also slims out the camera hump on the back. It also makes it easier to handle. Total talk time is 17 hours on a full charge. Motorola claims 21 hours. This is better than the standard Razr at 10 hours of talk time. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is about 6 hours. For regular standard mixed usage you can go about three days before having to charge it up.

And on an animation note: I really want the wallpaper he has on this phone!!!

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