Friday, November 18, 2011

Sleep Well - Take 1 - WIP

So I decided to go with the "Sleep well" audio clip from Supergirl. This is my latest blocking pass. I started splining everything but I started running into several problems. Her walk into the scene just wasn't working right. As she turns different controls were moving at different times. I thought I cleaned it up in blocking before switching over to splines but I may have missed some things.

So after a great brainstorming session with my buddy Richard, we came up with a different layout and an all new blocking. So now I'm taking it "back to formula." Starting from scratch. The deadline for Reel FX is looming so I have just under four weeks to get this done. The other scene I'm working on for the short film is nearing completion. When I get these done I will have a few more scenes to add to my reel. That is always the fun part.

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