Sunday, October 9, 2011

New possible dialog projects

I'm trying to decided on my next couple of projects. I'm planning on applying again to the Reel FX apprenticeship program. The deadline is December 16. That gives me roughly two months to come up with some new material. I'd like to add a total of three new scenes to my reel: two acting scenes and a body mechanics scene. So the other day I went looking for dialogue clips and I found a few. Here are my top six choices:


Voice One: "Curse you, Bonzai! Don't you realize what you're saying?! Your whole plan is gonna be destroyed and you sit here wasting time!"
Voice Two: "Time? I got nothing but time."


Voice One: "This is no democracy. It is a dictatorship. I am the law. If you survive camp you will be on the team. If you survive.


Voice One: (exhale) "Sleep well. And when you wake drown in my eyes and be all mine.


Voice One: "You hate me, don't you."
Voice Two: "Hate you? I don't even know you. I don't even know your name."
Voice One: "Ethan."


Voice One: "See This? This is my boomstick!"


Voice One: "Beef jerky?"
Voice Two: "No, no son. Thank you very much but it gives me the winds, something terrible."
Voice One. "Oh!"
A fellow AM alum gave me some advice that is really helping me make my decision on which ones to work on. One of the main factors is time. I need something I can accomplish in two months. Is the scene going to involve huge sets or can it be accomplished with a very simple set, or no set at all? Also, what am I trying to accomplish here? Which skill am I trying to show? Am I focusing on body mechanics or facial acting? And quite possibly the most important question is what kind of studio am I applying for? If I am applying to a feature film studio, then I would need to focus on facial animation, lip sync and acting. If I am applying to a gaming studio I would need to focus on walk/run cycles, body mechanics and fight sequences. LUCKILY, there is a webinar coming up this week discussing that very topic.

Once I have made my decision as to which clips I will use I will post the results here. I may even do some quick animatics for each to help illustrate the ideas I have in mind.

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