Thursday, November 6, 2008

New NEW Layout!

So tonight my best friend Roland came over and I showed him my last scene. He started thinking and came up with a few new ideas. We started brainstorming and working things out and came up with a new layout for the scene.

The shot is a lot more tighter with the characters closer together. With the camera in front of both of them, it is a lot easier to see both their facial expressions. Plus this way I can give more character to the Vultan character (the green guy). I planning on give both characters a lot of secondary action while the other one is talking. If it works out right, it should not distract from the main action. While Bishop (NOT the green guy) is saying the line "With respect...", Vultan will probably be swishing his drink around and looking inside the mug. Then when Vultan is saying the line "There's no way...", Bishop will slowly be taking a few steps back. It will look like Vultan is getting all wound up to explode and Bishop does not want to get in the way. All the time he will be protecting his beer.

Just a few new ideas. Now I wait to see what my mentor Dana has to say.

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