Wednesday, October 22, 2008

WATCHMEN - The Pumpkin

Every once in a while, they let us do something creative at work. I remember a couple of times they let me and a few friends hang artwork and photographs around the Cafe. Well, this time they let us decorate pumpkins for Halloween. We had to choose a literary theme. A coupleof the ladies chose kids books and made their pumpkin look like the main character. I decided to go with WATCHMEN. Not only because the book is getting a lot of press, but also because of the movie coming soon.

So here's what I got:

Here are the book covers I used as reference:

You know, I still have not read the book. I have a loose idea what it's about but that's only from what I've heard others tell me. I guess I should read it, but I don't want it to spoil the movie. I love movies. However, I heard that from the trailer, the film seems to be shot-for-shot from the graphic novel. So I should be ok.


andrew said...

cool watchmen pimpkin. :)

Manoj Kumar said...

very coolz watchmen Pinpkin