Sunday, March 2, 2008

Week 8 - Intro to Walks

This past week our assignment was an intro to a basic walk. Here we just blocked it out so it's going to look a little choppy. This week (Week 9) we finish it up and make it nice and pretty.

Here my piece:

We also had a sketchbook assignment as well. This week we had to pose Stu to convey "strength." We had to show that he was strong. I experimented with a few ideas. I had help from fellow AM student Justin Segal. He sent me the barbell file. I'm still trying to figure it out but I was able to make it work to my advantage. I also learned how to assign color to an object. It's amazing what I can find out in one of those many Maya books I keep buying. (I just never opened it until now.)

Here are my Stu "strength" poses:
(click on it to view larger image)

So this week was actually fun. I didn't think the assignment was THAT difficult for me. I've done a basic walk cycle before with pencil and paper. Here I was just able to tweak it without having to draw every single frame again and again. I can DEFINITELY see the advantage of 3D animation.

(I just saw my e-critique and it went well. I got an A- for the assignment. A few suggestions on the walk. Tilt the heel more on f3. Watch the spacing of the body between f15 and f18. Not bad. I'll take it! A few suggestions on the poses. Third pose, make the ball bigger and spread the legs for stability. Tilt the head back a bit more. Same with 1 and 2. Also try to show the back arm on first pose.)

I'm looking forward to the week after next. I'll be on vacation from work and I plan to delve more into these Maya books and learn more. It's such a great feeling when you learn something new!!

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