Saturday, March 15, 2008

Week 10 In The Can!

This week we had to do a walk with character, a personality walk. I had first decided to go with a traditional "sneak" but it did not come out the way I thought. Then, after seeing the teaser trailer for "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" I got an idea. In the trailer, you see Scratch walking against the blasting wind trying, as usual, to get to his nut. That got me thinking about my walk. So when I got home I started sketching out ideas. I was able to hammer out the whole thing in a few hours. I posted it in my Public Review on Animation Mentor and got some great feedback. I used their comments and think it turned out a whole lot better.

This week's sketchbook assignment was to show Stu "exhausted." I previously posted some early ideas, but here's my final choice:

I think he looks pretty tired. I was seriously thinking of using the one of him stretched out on the couch but opted for this one. Who knows, I may change it in the final hour.

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