Saturday, February 16, 2008

Would you say I have a...pendulum?

Yes, El Guapo. You have a pendulum.

This week's assignment is "overlapping action." The way we demonstrate this is with the use of a pendulum. Now it's getting interesting.

I've been having some trouble trying to get motivated with the work here lately. This program is based on character animation, but we have not been doing much of that lately. I know we're still learning the basics, but it's really testing me. They are wanting us to animate an object and make it look believable. We are not told to give it "character", just make it move like it would in nature. Well, that is when physics comes into play. I've probably ranted on this before, but if you want to make a bouncing ball look real, it has to follow certain rules according to science. It's the science and physics that has been dragging me down!!

So if you have watched the video by now, you will have noticed that I had a bit of fun with this week's project. Finally, FUN!! I've already got fun ideas for next week.

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