Tuesday, September 25, 2007

IT'S ALIVE!!...well, not yet

After viewing my submission several times, I see where I've made some nice advancements and also where I need some work. The dialogue came along nicely. However, my acting still needs some work. I still need to work on the arm movements and making sure they are not so "robotic." This is what I get from only learning from books and not being able to practice it that often. The characters moved, yes. Did they seem alive? Not really. They didn't seem to flow. They didn't "pop" off the screen.
I have ideas for another piece inspired from another piece of dialogue from the latest AnimWatch podcast. I had visions in my head as soon as I heard it. I think that'll be my next project.
It's like he said in the podcast, many people want to make a film, but they just don't know what to make the film about. They're walking in circles. So now that I was able to make this last short with very little difficulty, it will give me the confidence I need to continue making them. I can now concentrate on making the characters come alive. I want their movements to be fluid. I want them to become alive.

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