Sunday, September 23, 2007


I completed my animation piece and entered it in the AnimWatch challenge!! I just submitted it not too long ago, so we'll see what happens. It is the first time I tried animating dialogue. It worked out great!! Well, not perfect, but now I have a frame of reference. I now know how to do it and how to improve it. My "acting" needs to improve as well. That's where the fun part comes in. Luckily I have all those books on animation to teach me timing and spacing. So here's to new beginnings!

The dialogue deals with an office setting, so I chose to base my characters on the guys from "The Office." They are charicatures of Michael Scott and Dwight. I even threw in a "look at the camera" bit in the beginning for Jeff (Dwight). The piece is traditional, hand-drawn, 2D animation. The backgroud is backlit with the action layered over. I shot it with my digital camera and uploaded the pics to Premiere Elements. I used Adobe Audition to breakdown the dialogue. When put together, they synced up great!! This opens so many possibilities for me now. I just need to buy more animation paper.
This piece is 168 drawings plus one background drawing. When I was done, I had THREE sheets of paper left. Talk about cutting it close.

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