Friday, June 15, 2007

DO NOT touch the white leaves!

So I went to the zoo today. It was one of the things I wanted to do on this vacation. I took my sketchbook and my iPod Nano, and went sketching. I also took my digital camera to sketch things I didn't have time for. That was pretty much the back half of the zoo.

I was doing pretty good in the beginning. I was walking and sketching. I was sitting and sketcing. I was snapping pictures. I even had a couple of kids come up to me because they were interested in what I was drawing. Their dad told me one of them loved to draw and wants to be an artist. I told him he needs to get a sketchbook, a nice set of pens, and never stop drawing. (If only I could take my own advice.)

It was hot. There was no wind. And the zoo is not actually known for smelling like a bed of roses. Just a warning, but when you see tall trees with birds way up on top, and all the plants and folage down below are not green but white, GET OUT OF THERE AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE!!!

I'll be posting some of my sketches and pics soon.

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