Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jeff Gabor - Rio Annie Reel Submission

When I first saw Rio in the theater I was hooked from the beginning. The characters were hilarious. The story was intriguing and it had a lot of heart. And then I saw the scene with Tulio and Linda at the cafe. It is the scene that starts off this video.

Jeff Gabor- Rio Annie Reel Submission from jeff gabor on Vimeo.

SEE!! This is the type of work that makes me want to throw my computer in the river!! It's that awesome!!

After I saw Linda's little shimmy when she says, "Actually it's the brains I'm more attracted to." I was just floored. I literally sat there staring up at the screen thinking "What did I just see?!" It completely blew me away! That night I posted a comment of Facebook about that specific scene. Animator Bobby Pontillas who was working at Blue Sky at the time chimed in and said it was animated by Jeff Gabor. He said Jeff is one of the hardest working animators he has ever scene. And judging from his work, I believe it. The subtleties in his movement makes the characters really come to life. You believe every single movement they make. It's not just a computer character up on the screen. It is a living breathing character. Amazing work!

Side note: Bobby is currently working at Disney and just finished up animation on "Wreck-it Ralph".

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