Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cartoon Round-up 2

This week I've decided to go with probably the most influential animation director, Charles (Chuck) M. Jones. ( link)His cartoons are the ones everyone remembers. The thing that makes his films so memorable is the timing. He was a master of that. It was in that certain pause, that look at the camera. There were several scenes where there was no movement on screen, just the character looking directly at the camera. They weren't saying anything but you could just tell what they were thinking. I can go on and on but I would mainly be quoting the documentary "Chuck Jones: Extremes and Inbetweens - A Life in Animation". This is one of those films I never get tired watching.

Most of his shorts are available on YouTube but are able to be embedded. So I posted the ones I could embed. Also, there are so many I want to post so I am going to limit myself to five for now. I may do another post to Chuck Jones at a later date. Besides, four of the last five I posted were done by Chuck Jones. See what I mean?! GENIUS!!

And now for your view pleasure, may I present (again) the work of a true animation master....Mr. Chuck Jones!

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