Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vimeo Walk Cycle Tutorial and My Results

The other day I came across a walk cycle tutorial on vimeo. I thought it was pretty interesting in that it was a four-parter and seemed to go step by step. After looking at it for a few seconds, I decided to follow along and see what I can do. So I opened up Maya 2008 and opened up the Bishop character from Animation Mentor. I have the Morpheus rig the tutorial was using but I found it a bit too challenging at the moment. As I was following along, I noticed he was using some controls that Bishop does not have. Aw crap! So I went ahead and opened up Morpheus and proceeded with the tutorial. It was not as difficult as I remembered. Granted it was only a standing still walk cycle, but still not too bad. So here are the tutorial videos and my results afterwards.

 Walk Cycle Part 1

Walk Cycle Part 2

Walk Cycle Part 3

Walk Cycle Part 4

My Walk Cycle Tutorial Results

One of the tips I learned was when doing a walk cycle was to animate the two feet together, then when it looks complete you take one foot and offset it and BOOM you have a walk cycle! Another is that when the foot lands after contact, it is the pinky toe that makes contact first and then the rest of the foot rolls down. It was fun doing this tutorial. If I have some time later on I might go looking for other tutorials that I can follow along with.

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