Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Talk about getting that surge of animation motivation and just running with it. I have been here in the studio ALL NIGHT!! In the word of Rhino the hamster from Bolt, "I FEEL ALIVE!!!"

I got a great e-Critique from my mentor, Dana, and it really boosted my confidence with this scene. She liked the changes I made and everything was looking really good so far. She gave me a great idea for Bishop's reaction after being shrugged off. She was afraid I would not get what she was trying to say, but I understood perfectly. I just hope I nailed it in the scene.

Well, take a look:

When Bishop gets pushed back, I also added a little bit of a stumble. I had a heck of a time getting his left hand to do exactly what I wanted it to do. I also made Brussels turn away a bit after he says, "SHUT UP!" I tried to make it seem like he really did not want to hear anything Bishop had to say about the subject. I think I will move his line of sight a little more screen right. It will seem like he is almost pouting.

I am really jazzed about this scene right now. There's nothing like great words of encouragement to light a fire under your butt.

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